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About Us

I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit our "About Us" page.

Visiting other window cleaning websites, you've probably noticed that people usually use this page to list all their services; how they guarantee this and warranty that..

But is it possible that choosing someone to take care of your windows is not all about that? I wanted to use these few paragraphs to actually tell you "About Us" and to share my story a little.

My name is Jonny Toogood and I am the owner of Sumner Window Cleaning.

Until recently, I was an English teacher in the UK. I taught for 5 years in total and found it an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Slowly, however, staring out of my classroom windows and wondering how i could spend more time out in the open again, I started to think about moving on.

One day.. completely out of the blue, an old mate from university called me from his new home in New Zealand. We were often in touch, him trying to persuade me to visit, but this time he had some leverage. Dan had always been quite a passionate believer in doing things differently, and had an unwavering belief that quality would always prevail.

As a rope access technician (dangling off buildings) he had setup his own company, Headsup, training new technicians in Christchurch, with the intention of bringing a safer and more professional ethos to NZ’s working at height Industry. He was starting to take on projects that required more experienced abseilers to help with the rebuild in Christchurch.

In my early twenties, I'd worked with Dan as an industrial abseiler to fund my travels, so with out hesitation I jumped on a plane to help out a friend (and enjoy a break from teaching).

Jonny Toogood organising his new business

Living in Sumner, I quickly felt a sense of belonging. I enjoyed working for my friend during the day, and more importantly, in the evenings I could surf (almost off my doorstep) and on the weekend we could drive to Castle Hill and enjoy world class climbing.

There was no doubt I was enjoying my self immensely, but I started to feel an itch - I wanted to build up something of my own.

On a sunny Sumner morning, whilst attempting to see through my dusty sea beaten windows, I smiled, remembering how I had enjoyed working as a window cleaner - mostly whilst hanging off sky scraping buildings around Europe.

The more I thought about it, the more it became clear that there was a real opportunity here in my new hometown. So having bought myself a traditional window mop and squeegee, I tried my luck.. knocking on doors around Sumner.

After a week of carrying my soapr bucket from door to door, I had been recommended all around Sumner, I over heard telephone conversations about “Jonny the new window cleaner”, and was sent from the top of Scarborough hill  to peoples offices out in the city.

Within a month I was beginning to build a respectable list of regular clients. With the money I earned, I bought ladders and more advanced cleaning equipment, which allowed me to wash some of the more complicated windows on the hills  (of which there are many!!).

I soon became Sumner Window Cleaning.. Whilst I have gained more clients, and built a small team, our core values remain the same - we are a local, friendly and professional window cleaning service.

Thanks to the collective desire of Sumner’s amazing community, to enjoy their beautiful view, I can now look to the future..

The Future

  • We are expanding beyond the suburb and into the city. The team has grown, but the philosophy will still always be focused on a local, friendly and honest service - a 100% level of customer satisfaction, guaranteed.
  • Our cleaning equipment has already taken strides forwards, and we can now offer a state of the art “Pure Water”, pole fed, cleaning service. Using pure de-ionised and filtered water, and 70ft+ carbon extension poles, we can safely reach windows up to the height of the average 7-storey building. All without ever leaving the ground! A feat that not many window cleaners anywhere in NZ can offer!
  • This has put us at the forefront of Window Cleaning in this country. There’s a lot to be said for this method and you can find lots more info about it by checking out Our Services.
Commercial window cleaning Redcliffs


Christchurch commercial window cleaning

  • We now have a growing commercial arm, and look to provide an equally friendly and reliable service, with absolute attention to detail! Our commercial cleaning ventures in 2016 have included the large scale Post construction window cleaning and Building wash down of the new Cashel Square shopping area and BNZ centre, for Leighs Construction Ltd. Which included the use of our 70ft pole to clean normally difficult to reach glass without leaving the ground, alongside our qualified abseilers.

Post Construction Window Cleaning 

  • We offer a comprehensive post construction window washing service, because if your windows are not cleaned properly after construction work has taken place, it WILL lead to staining. Deposited chemicals and and construction materials will etch and scratch the glass. New windows are MOST vulnerable, as glass remains fairly "soft" for about 2 years after the manufacturing process. We see a lot of glass permanently damaged within only a month of being fitted!
Window cleaning build cleans Christchurch

Cleaning Windows the "Safe Way"

High window multi storey window cleaners Christchurch

  • Sumner Window Cleaning carefully follows current guidelines on the use of ladders and work at height, as set out by the HSE. We also use water fed poles to safely reach windows from the ground, that others can’t touch.

Working at height the "Correct Way"

Washing Windows at Height
  • We work exclusively with Dan Smith at Headsup when access to windows becomes more complex. Dan is one of the most qualified Rope Access Technician in NZ, and sets the standard for safety with his knowledge and expertise in the industry. Dan also has many years practical window cleaning experience in his past.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

Ecologically Sound Window Cleaning

  • When using traditional mop and squeegee methods we have to use a small amount of detergent; however, to minimise the impact on NZ’s beautiful eco system (and your garden!) we use only biodegradable products, unless discussed otherwise.

  • Our pure Water system has the advantage of providing detergent free cleaning for an absolutely ecologically sound window wash. We'll also water the plants for free!

Highly Trained Window Cleaners

  • We employ highly trained, motivated and well mannered window cleaners.  Our employees are branded, but do not wear high visibility clothing, unless safety dictates it. This means our service remains discrete and convenient when working in public places.
  • Particular attention is taken when cleaning interior windows to insure that no water falls on your tiles, carpets or other flooring.  To ensure customer satisfaction, employees are trained to treat the cleaning area with utmost respect, as if it belonged to their grandmother.

  • Your home or building is our number one concern. We have built our reputation on our commitment to providing a discrete and high quality service. Our guarantee are our customers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee...

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